Global System of Integrated Studies (GSIS) is the brainchild of Mrs. Quratulain Ali Rizvi. She left the largest private school chain, as the Principal of their Boys Branch, with a 10 years experience and a vision for education.

GSIS emerged on the educational horizon of Islamabad on the 1 st of September 1992. It was nurtured as a dream and slowly bloomed into what it is today.

GSIS became a registered centre of University of Cambridge for CIE O’ Level andA’ Level examinations in the year 2000.

GSIS teaches the British Curriculum in affiliation with the Cambridge
International Examinations (CIE), and also the National Curriculum in affiliationwith the Federal Board.

Mission statement

GSIS aims to provide a holistic learning experience, for both students and staff. education provided at GSIS is aimed at academic excellence, as well as, the moral and intellectual development of the individual. We work towards an
integrated curriculum that reaches across disciplines and age levels. Independence of belief, thought and actions are developed in the young minds right from the day they become part of the GSIS community. Values of human dignity, honesty, compassion, justice, and equality are demanded from the staff and instilled in students. We work in collaboration and partnership with local and international community to provide our students an enriching experience that develops them into life-long learners.

Message from the Founder Principal/CEO

Thank you for your interest in GSIS. I hope through this platform we are able to communicate to you the ethos and vision behind GSIS, our achievements of the past and our plans for the future.

On 1 st September 1992, I opened the doors of GSIS to provide a holistic learning experience to the community. Since that day, in the last 26 years, I have been part of the educational journey of thousands of students and teachers; helping them realize and attain their potential, unearth hidden talents, and getting them to enjoy the process of learning.

As I reminisce, much has changed and yet a lot hasn’t. Our core values of
academic excellence and building a strong value system are very much intact,
however, our approach to teaching and learning has evolved to adapt to 21st
Century Education. The number of students in my graduating class has increased considerably, but our commitment to providing quality has not dwindled. And I might not be the classroom teacher of my kindergarten anymore, however, I am still as much familiar with all my children as I was 26 years back.

GSIS has crafted its curriculum, both academic and non-academic, to support in its vision to build a pathway starting from the first day of school to the point that your child graduates from A’ Levels or Intermediate Level. This pathway
eventually goes up to the stage where the student is finally placed in a University or College. Many of our Alumni, now placed in prestigious places and making their mark in all fields of life, are the ones who started with us in Pre-Nursery. I still remember their first stage performances and it makes me swell with pride to see where they are today. One thing they always come back and tell me, is how the many assembly displays and stage performances they were made to do in their early years at GSIS, and the robust co-curricular plan that they followed at their alma mater, prepared them for practical life situations. Their first job interview or first presentation was not a stressful experience, because they had already shaken off their stage fear by the time they performed on their KG Graduation.